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Grand Rapids is a city that lives on the other side of a polarized state; the thriving counterpart to the slowly recovering Detroit. It avoided a boom and bust phase and opted instead for slow , yet steady growth. It has transformed from a small Dutch community to the cultural epoch of Michigan and haven for creative types from around the Midwest, tired of Chicago and wanting a change of pace.

The city carved out a name for itself across the country on the undersides of handcrafted armoires, dressers, desktops and office furniture. It was a bastion for conservatives and religion, boasting countless churches per square mile. It bred President Ford and Jay Van Andel. It helped launch a microbrewing revolution across the country – making beer named Curmudgeon Ale and Dirty Bastard the beverage of choice. It is constantly expanding; opening its doors to new people and new ideas.

Wander its streets and you can see that the city embodies a combination of urban sass and rural vigor, all topped off with a unique artistic flavor that is all its own. From its modern hotels to its Victorian houses; from the artists roaming the many galleries and street fairs to the people fishing in the Grand River and farm fields only a few miles from town; Grand Rapids spices up the Michigan landscape with its youthful charm rooted in old world wisdom. It is ever vibrant. Always humble. Uniquely Grand Rapids.

Some may think that it is dull, that it lacks the expanse, romance and history of cities like Chicago or New York, however that’s not the case. Grand Rapids is a blank slate, a fresh piece of land, a new frontier. Anything is possible.

If you have venue that you would like featured on The Grand Humility, send us an email at grandhumility@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to check it out.

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